Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Passive Income Lifestyle

Eric Clapton with B.B.King and his guitar, cruising and appreciating freedom of life with residual income. Clapton, among many, is a typical example of how stars can live on passive income from old albums, recordings and shows. Year after year he compounds large royalties from past productions and concerts. 
Which "undiscovered", legitimate passive income programs can give the average person a stable and growing residual income today ? There is a jungle of programs that don't pay and most don't survive for many reasons.
 I have tried various passive and residual income programs and will present the best ones right here. Open up your eyes and take note of the following passive profit gems that can boost your residual income with just a few referrals.
 I will present one great program each week here on Fast Passive Income Ideas. And above all: How to promote these passive income programs in a most efficient and economical way! I want you to be be amazed, advertising-skilled and enriched! Valuable information about simple, effective promotion is essential and golden in order to succeed without wasting too much money. 
1.ILN The Internet Lifestyle Network is a relatively new passive income program.
What makes it so great is the compensation system. It is original and easy to understand. Only 5 referrals are enough for retirement. And from there you get to the passive income which is compiling month after month like shown in the star-formed matrix inside the ILN.
What makes the Internet Lifestyle Network (ILN) so great is the Speed Income System. The possibility to leverage the system and accellerate earnings with just $20 paid for the membership is very high (by just 1 referral). 20$ per month is all you need to spend and that is already covered with your first $20 commission.
Beyond that point, there is only profits, because the first lead may give you five or more signups who will all pay a percentage up to you and thus explode your earnings "deeper" for each lead acquired. There is a $20 guaranteed commission within the first 24 hours and then a $100 payback guarantee if you don't get any signups after the first month. So you are bound for profit in any circumstance. This is what I call REAL compensation !
The ILN is not only a complete automated profit income system, but also a community which will help you succeed! The program has its own Fanpages, where events and tele-seminars are posted and it is possible to connect with fellow ILN members.
The Internet Lifestyle Network is the passive income system I most highly recommend for the time being. Upgrades are available in order to share a higher percentage of commissions paid to referring members. You can get a 7-day free test-drive of the system here: Internet Lifestyle Network .

How to Promote ILN On a Low Budget.  

I use two effective promotion techniques. The first are safelists through the Exclusive Promotion Codes website. Free promotion codes from more than 250 safelists insure a massive wave of targeted, converting traffic for only $10 per month and they are easy to use.
The second, is the least expensive option over time, but it requires a bit of work to get started. A Facebook auto poster distributes your link to forums and member-sites automatically on schedule. The price is set at $49, but when you have your campaigns set up, there are no more payments and you can get endless leads on Facebook. The Facebook auto sharer will draw a mass of targeted leads automatically to your passiveincome system offer or autoresponder. 
There is a free version, called BuzzSpice.com(FREE download), but you must pay for this by giving away your Facebook friendslist, which is not my personal preference.
I also use Pinterest to draw free traffic, but it takes some time to build up boards by adding pins and getting repins.  Anyway, when the pinning is done, traffic is targeted, perpetual and lasting. For more information on Pinterest and how to build up free traffic with social media, go to:
As of March 3rd 2014, the Internet Lifestyle Network is rising rapidly in popularity, and according to Alexa it is ranked #2731 in the US and #12.125 in the world.

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